Living Room Interior Plan

Obviously, I got carried away and I had to continue until I came up with the plan for our living room since our kitchen is the continuation of our living room. We do not have a dedicated dining room space, so we have been borrowing the half of living room space.

Our home is a front half of the chopped Queen Ann Victorian. Developers in 90’s split the big house into 2 units and built 3 more townhomes in the back. The old house charm comes with interesting angles and weird spaces I need to work with so that my home won’t look like just like every other house.”


Can’t Deny Victorian Details

I remember the inspector who was praising our home and even wanted to bring his wife to the inspection(!). As I was sharing my vision how I wanted to brighten and simplify many elements of the interior, he was asking, “Why would you buy a Victorian house if you want a modern interior?” It was a good question and my answer was simple, “It is because I do.”


Symmetry Finally

Because of my eyes desperately want to see the symmetry, this ‘plan’ gave me so much instant gratification and I can finally share my vision with my family. We are really excited to hire painters and swap the stone for the fireplace. Current tiles have been falling off and they have been half ‘fastened’ by the clear masking tape.