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A Person Who Initiates

Almost two years ago, I met Michele at the initial client meeting. That was the first official meeting with Hughes Home Team (Top Performing Real Estate Team in Oak Park and River Forest). My first impression of Michele was a woman with million-watt smile. It is like her default face. Not only that, she is so funny and vibrant. Along with the rest of the team, I kept cracking up one after another comments she was making while I was darn nervous. This introvert was meeting new clients and trying to share the presentation of my services. I think my voice was trembling at some point.

There are some people who naturally make you feel at ease and open up without trying hard. That is Michele. After a second meeting, she asked if we could meet regularly to work on marketing strategies. She also added that she wanted to learn.

She took notes. My gosh, her handwriting is neat like printed fonts. We talked about social medias, designing tools and resources and more. We had a few weekly meetings.

Then, the devious Covid hit. Everything stopped. Being an early adapter for everything, I got really sick with Covid for about 2 weeks and I felt like I barely made out of it. Shelter in place. Nobody knew what was going on and that was when I put on hold for all of my projects.

After a couple of weeks after my recovery, I received a text from Michele. She wanted to see if we could meet on Zoom to start planning and brainstorming again. “I wonder if we can do something while we are waiting. We can’t just sit and do nothing.”

And we did. We were not in love Zoom meetings, but the team kept going and things were happening again.


Michele is a natural connector and a talented marketer who quickly puts both buyers and sellers at ease with her confident and energetic style. Her eye for design and staging that sells comes from years of residential renovation experience.